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    Our meticulously designed sensors smarty detect your presence in the field of their vision and automatically turns on the device and vice versa.
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    You don’t need to remember to switch off the lights or fan every time you leave your room. Leave it to bioVibez motion sensors.
  • Elegant Design

    Thanks to the ergonomic design of the sensors, they can be conveniently mounted on a wall or ceiling.
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    To delivering the best customer experience, we rely on reliable and environment-friendly materials for developing our sensors.


As per the 2011 census data there are 246,740,228 (~247 million) urban houses in India. Let us assume 99 million (~40%) of those households leave their toilet lights on during the night on account of senior citizens and various other reasons. Again, assuming 5W average light installed in a toilet and left on for 8hrs. That is 40Wh per day per household, which comes to around 3,948MWh per day for 99 million urban Indian homes. Read More

bioVibez - Motion Sensor

A motion sensor is a device that detects physical movement. It has the ability to detect and capture physical and/or kinetic movements in real time. They can also detect ambient light. There are various kinds of motion sensors depending on the sensing element. Eg PIR, microwave, ultrasound, millimetre wave, etc.

  • PL-AC-R2A-D – bioVibez PIR motion sensor/detector/7-seg display & 1-touch key config

    AC/DC – 90V to 230V / Dual channel / 7-seg display & 1-touch key config
  • PL-AC-R2A-Wifi – bioVibez PIR motion sensor/detector/Wi-Fi config

    AC/DC – 90V to 230V | Dual channel | Wifi browser-based config
  • MP-DC1-R2 - 2nd gen - bioVibez PIR/LUX motion sensor/detector

    Low voltage DC / solar powered | Dual channel | DIP switch config
  • MP-AC1-R2 - 2nd gen - bioVibez PIR/LUX motion sensor/detector

    AC/DC - 35V to 230V | Dual channel | DIP switch config

bioVibez - Light Sensor (Dusk to Dawn)

Also so called light or LUX or photocell sensors. These sensors detect natural ambient light and turn on the lights after sunset. They also shut everything down when the sun rises, so nothing burns power during the day.

  • LX-AC-R2A-WiFi - bioVibez dusk to dawn - Light sensor

    AC/DC – 35V to 230V / Dual channel / browser-based WiFi config
  • LX-AC-R2A-D - bioVibez dusk to dawn - LUX / Light sensor

    AC/DC – 35V to 230V | Dual channel | 7-seg display & 1-touch key config

bioVibez - Wardrobe / Door Sensors

Door sensors typically detect door opening / closing. They can be used to switch on lights or raise alarms. They employ various detection methods. Eg infra-red, ultrasound, etc.

  • IRD-DC12-CH1– bioVibez door / wardrobe IR sensor - 12V, 6A, 72W

    DC – 5V to 12V, 6A, 72W / Single door / Short circuit protection


Lighting empty spaces is an expense, especially those you just walk through or where you stay only for a short time but where the lights may remain on for a long time. This energy wastage can be easily avoided by installing bioVibez Motion Sensors.

These motion sensors turn on the light when they sense a presence and automatically turn it off when it is no longer there.


For Building Lobby

There are many housing societies where electricity wastage in lobby and lifts is enormous. Every month they have to spend thousands of rupees that can be saved with the help of motion sensors.

We suggest installing PIR motion sensors in the lobby which will activate the lights when motion is detected and automatically turn them off after a certain length of time with no activity. In addition to these sensors, we recommend installing our dawn-to-dusk motion sensors where there’s presence of the natural light.

This automation solution can help housing societies help to avoid the unnecessary use of electricity and therefore help to lower electricity bill.


  • The Cabeling Was given Inside The Package, It is very easy to use & install. This Product Is Not Fully Waterproof So Be Careful Before Installing, Please Install it under ceiling or On A Wall Where Rain Water Doesn't Go Inside this unit. This unit come with a fuse where other motion sensor doesn't have fuse.

  • I have used it as a security perpose...and found it grt....as it can alert at night if any thief's try to get in....i hve used a siran and a light to alert by using the motion sensor switch as it got two output...Grt system...my recommendation to every one...

  • Liked: product quality, product design and usability. No complaints from the product till date. Works smoothly.


The Problem
A society in Mumbai contacted us to help them avoid power wastage in their society buildings. For instance, a 58-storey tower keeps lobby lights on 24x7. Every month they were spending around Rs. 73,957 (Rs. 8,77,623 annually) on electricity bill just for the lobby lightings.
The Solution

We suggested them to install 5 motion/LUX sensors per lobby based on its shape and length (Total 5x58 floors = 290 units)

PIR/LUX sensor – MP-AC1-R2-L – dual outputs

  • OUT2 of sensor S1, S4 & S5 will be configured for LUX control only powering pilot light LEDs - T1, T5 & T7 (3 LEDs near flats will be controlled by ambient light only. Motion sensing disabled. This will prevent total darkness near flats.)
  • OUT1 of sensor S1, S2 & S3 (PIR+LUX enabled) will be tied in parallel to control LEDs T2 & T3. Both PIR+LUX enabled.
  • OUT1 of sensor S4 controls T4. Both PIR+LUX enabled
  • OUT1 of sensor S5 controls T6. Both PIR+LUX enabled
  • Emergency LEDs TE-1 & TE-2 will not be connected to any sensor.

Want to reduce your society’s energy wastage?

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