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Biovibez Wi-Fi motion sensor setup guide

PL-AC-R2A-Wifi – bioVibez PIR motion sensor/detector/Wi-Fi config

AC/DC – 90V to 230V | Dual channel | Wifi browser-based config

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  • Flexible supply - AC/DC - 90V to 230V
  • Automatically detect human presence due to motion
  • Dual channel outputs
  • Operate lights with LUX control (motion + failing ambient light)
  • Operate non-lighting devices like fans / exhaust – with LUX control on channel disabled
  • Wi-Fi - Config Configure channel parameters using a web browser by connecting to mobile / laptop
  • Independent parameter control for both channels
    • PIR - Motion detection / control
      • Enable / disable Switch (On/Off)
      • Channel timeouts Set with slider
        • Value list: 5 to 60sec (1min) - step = 1sec;
        • 2 to 60min - step = 1min
    • LUX - Light detection / control
      • Enable / disable Switch (On/Off)
      • LUX Set Point - Cut-off Set with slider
        • Value list: 5 to 200lux - step = 1lux
        Can also use capture button to capture ambient room light and then use slider for accurate cut- off value
    • Ch-2 Start delay
      • Enable / disable Switch (On/Off)
      • Ch-2 Start delay time Set with slider
        • Value list: 1 to 60sec (1min) - step = 1sec
        • 2 to 60min - step = 1min
    • Other settings
      • Reset all Restores to factory settings
      • Back-up config Sensor to mobile / laptop
      • Restore config mobile / laptop to Sensor
      • Test channels Manually switch ON/OFF/Toggle channel outputs
        (Useful for finding out which load is connected to which channel)
  • Micro-controlled motherboard
  • Dynamic set point - prevents hunting
  • SMPS powered - Low standby current
  • Type-A outputs - Channel outputs tied to supply internally
  • Polycarbonate enclosure - UV resistant, fire resistant, durable & elegant
  • Versatile mounting (Wall / ceiling mounted)
  • Easy installation & configuration
  • Designed, developed and Made in India
This device does not connect to the internet!!
NOT supported - Amazon Alexa/Google home
  • This device simply uses your phone's / laptop's Wifi channel for sensor device configuration.
  • No active internet is needed
  • Your phone / laptop is used to connect to the device instead of the internet.
  • Once connected the device is configured using a standard web browser eg. Chrome / Mozilla / Edge / Safari.
  • No apps are required to be installed.
  • No data is transmitted / shared on the internet
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